"I started playing the piano at aged 10, taught by my grandmother. I enjoyed learning how to play pop songs, but she often complained that I wasn’t really reading the music. Regrettably as a teenager I dropped the piano as it wasn’t cool with my mates, and only took it up again many years later.  I tried to teach myself and found songs and chords off the internet, but I got stuck. My playing sounded much more advanced than my early music training, but it never really sounded good and I didn’t know why. I downloaded some on-line lessons but the lack of practical support and regular face to face lessons meant I didn’t make any progress. I was at a stale mate. 
I loved to play and knew I needed lessons but I hated the fact that you got into trouble for playing a crochet instead of a semi quaver. I wanted to put my own twist on a song to my taste, not the person who wrote the music. If it sounded good to me, I was happy, but classically trained music teachers usually do not agree. You must do exactly what the music tells you to do. I got discouraged and stopped playing.
Then I found Marco. He is exactly the teacher I have always dreamed of. He is happy for me to only learn songs I want to learn, and play them how I want to play them. He also teaches at the pace I learn (slow or fast). There is no set routine of boring stuff. But very importantly he has brought discipline and structure into my playing. As a properly qualified piano teacher, he has helped  to get a more professional sound to my playing that I have never had before, and has a great mix of theory, practise exercises (scales etc) and fun songs. A perfect balance.
Marco is a great teacher who is very encouraging yet provides constructive and honest feedback, where improvement is needed. He is helping me teach myself so I am not stuck between lessons and I couldn’t recommend him more highly!"
T. Manning
Dee Why NSW


"Playing by ear has always been something that I thought you had or you didn’t. Until I met Marco who wasn’t phased one bit by my life ambitions to play Rachmaninov before I die, from virtually scratch. I have an aversion to music scores and therefore the only way was by ear. 
The progress in a month has been pretty encouraging, if you measure success by the amount of practice I want to do rather than have to do. And I think that is it. He keeps it fun, pretty much as a priority and that’s what’s different to the old days of learning to play. Learning to play by the old rules is out. In with Marco`s rules!"

K. Macleod

Manly NSW

"I found Marco on a web search as I was looking for a teacher who specialised in teaching by ear for my daughter and son. Marco was very happy to come with no obligation, and having Marco now for 6 months has transformed our children's playing. Marco is inspiring, warm, gentle and encouraging and I would highly recommend him to students of all ages."

R. Ehrlich

Point Piper NSW
"Playing piano was always a bit of a dream but I thought I was probably too much of an old dog to learn new tricks. When I saw Marco's ad to learn to play by ear, I thought I'd give it a go as it sounded interesting. Now I'm hooked and I only wish I'd met him sooner. Highly recommend."
J. Levitt
Cremorne NSW

"I love piano and I tried piano lessons before but they were extremely boring. I hated pretty much everything about it. When I organised lessons with Marco I wasn't very excited but wanted to give it one last try before quitting to learn the piano for good. Lucky I did. Lessons are really fun and he is a great teacher! I am getting better and better"
L. Wisemann
Crows Nest NSW